About Irvine

Named for the de facto founding family of Orange County, Irvine is a master-planned community that now serves as a vital technology hub for the region. With a wealth of technology companies of all sizes, many consider Irvine the “Southern Silicon Valley.” Together with Anaheim, Irvine is the corporate capital of the county and plays home to several corporations’ U.S. operations, including Broadcom, Blizzard Entertainment, Toshiba, and Mazda. In addition, the city’s high percentage of college graduates, excellent public schools, and convenient housing in proximity to shopping and places of employment led Businessweek to name Irvine the fifth best city to live in the country in 2011. In fact, Irvine has the lowest violent crime rate among U.S. cities of 100,000 or more residents.

With over 230,000 residents, the city has grown considerably since James Irvine, Jr. used the land to grow citrus, olives, and lima beans in the 19th century. In 1971, the area was incorporated and master-planned, resulting in an incredibly livable city organized around many of the country’s first mixed-use areas. Despite occasionally appearing to be a working city, Irvine is actually home to many of Orange County’s finest neighborhoods. Most residents enjoy 15-minute commutes to nearby employers such as LA Fitness, O’Neill, or Samsung – a quality-of-life gain that many coworkers do not share.

The city is subdivided into several “planning areas,” many of which carry their own set of homeowners rules and regulations…some of them levy significant fees that you should speak with me about before deciding!