Dana Point

About Dana Point

One of California’s southernmost surfing meccas, Dana Point is an eclectic mix of surf culture, harbor businesses, and marine ecology. The “Point” juts out as a slight bulge from the otherwise even coastline and was first discovered by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in the 1830s. He noted the romanticism and beauty of the coastline, and residents have felt the same for nearly two centuries since.

Much of the industries surrounding surfing’s early days developed in and around Dana Point, including surfboard crafter Hobie and the Surfer Magazine. The harbor was originally unusable but is now a suitable environment for many boaters. It serves as the southern launching point for the Catalina Express, which delivers travelers to Santa Catalina Island’s various tourism attractions, approximately 22 miles off the coast.

The moderate, Mediterranean climate makes even non-surfers fall in love with life along the ‘Point.’ While not priced nearly as astronomically as homes in Laguna Beach, the city is still one of the premier coastal destinations for families in Southern California.