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6/24/2017 3:11:25 PM

From Preservation Hall Jazz Band to Alabama Shakes to Tom Petty, here's what it's like to be on the ground in Pasadena for the inaugural festival

6/24/2017 1:32:50 PM

Follow our team of reporters and photographers on the ground in Pasadena

6/24/2017 10:48:14 AM

A security guard at a Target store in Mission Viejo spotted Michael Edward Roman shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday.

6/24/2017 8:00:56 AM

Now, Duel of the Laker Titans. Popular as the NBA is here with two teams playing to packed houses and pulling down hundreds of millions in local TV revenue, it’s been a long time since we were actually relevant, with the Clippers still in eclipse while disappearing early in the playoffs and the Lakers coming […]

6/24/2017 7:00:41 AM

The board’s job is to protect and preserve the common area. Work with your association, as you expect your neighbors to do the same, for the protection of all the neighbors.

6/24/2017 7:00:09 AM

Noble ranges depict the typical housing market patterns displayed each year.

6/24/2017 6:30:29 AM

In rare instances, brokers find a willing seller, which creates an “off-market” deal. Great! But, what are the problems with such a transaction?

6/24/2017 12:16:14 AM

LOS ANGELES — The pitchers have been fine these days. It’s not like they have to be. They are pretty much a trigger mechanism. Get everything started, sit back and let the Dodgers’ hitters make it rain. Alex Wood was the starter Friday night against Colorado, which was leading the Dodgers by 2½ games on […]

6/24/2017 12:08:14 AM

Secession has always held a strangely prominent place in the American imagination, and it probably always will. Restive New Englanders contemplated a break over the War of 1812 during the Hartford Convention. South Carolina champed at the bit for decades, eventually cutting ties along with a Deep South wave opposed to Lincoln’s election and an […]