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Designing Luxurious Entertainment Spaces

Sofa and tables in home movie theater

A luxury entertainment room should not only be functional, it should be stylish and alluring. It should make you want to utilize the space whether it’s to watch a film, play games, or just hang out with some friends or family. It’s likely that if you are looking to create a luxurious entertainment room, such as a home theater, you’ll likely be hiring professionals. After all, there’s a lot of technical work that goes into creating the best entertainment spaces.

However, these are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Make it cozy

Pick colors that make your entertainment room feel relaxing and comfortable. Soft, inviting hues, neutrals with warm tones, and light, subtle colors work best. They can also make a space appear larger and more inviting. You may want to go for that full cinema feel, but bear in mind that most, if not all cinemas are not designed for maximum comfort. They are primarily designed to get as many people able to watch a show as possible. With a cozy design, you can make your entertainment space multifunctional, great for movies but also as a place to just hang out.

Invest in comfortable and stylish furniture

With armchairs, sofas, bar stools, and banquettes, you can set the mood for any occasion, from a party to a movie marathon. Deep sofas and reclining armchairs are excellent choices for home theaters. For a more formal look and elegant gatherings, choose leather sofas. Coffee tables are perfect for displaying books or holding snacks. Thick carpet not only provides a plush luxuriousness, it also helps with insulation and soundproofing.

Experiment with the layout

While you’ll obviously want to make the screen the main focal point, this does not mean that all chairs must be rigidly facing the screen. It is possible to create a luxury entertainment room that has little breakout spaces. Divide the room with rugs, coffee tables, or sofas to create separate gaming, watching, and lounging areas.

Think about the lighting

Flexible lighting is key—you’ll want lights you can adjust to set the mood for different occasions. Create the desired atmosphere using wall sconces, recessed lights, overhead lamps, and standing lamps. Add striking suspended lights to the pool table or home bar for a cool look. Wall lights add elegance, while wired lighting can turn shelving into decorative displays.

Your pleasure, your choice

If you want your room to be more of a quiet space for relaxing, add shelves and copies of your favorite literary works. There’s no reason why this entertainment room shouldn’t also double as a quiet nook for reading and relaxing. You may also want to place some plants to add an organic feel. However, if you plan to host parties, consider adding some exciting extras like a dance floor with exciting lighting systems. Why not throw in some musical instruments for impromptu jam sessions? Even if you can’t play so well, it would make for better karaoke sessions.

Many Orange County homes feature exquisite entertaining spaces. Let us tour the communities in Orange County to find the right home that has the perfect amenities and features for you. Call me at 949.295.5676 or send me an email here.

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