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Avoid these 5 common mistakes before closing a home

After looking at all available OC real estate properties, you find the dream home that fits your idea of luxury. You go through the motions of presenting an offer and going through negotiations – and the seller accepts your offer.  Wh...

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Orange County Housing Report Cracks Appearing

CRACKS APPEARING Even though housing is insanely hot, trends have emerged that confirm that the Orange County housing market is starting to cool. CRACK – The current active inventory has increased by 60% since mid-January. CRACK – ...

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Orange County Housing Report Out of Control

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Orange County Housing Report Coming Up Spring

Many mistakes the Summer Market as the busiest time of the year for housing, yet it is the Spring Market that is home to the most real estate activity year in and year out. More homes come on the market during the spring than any other time ...

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