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Get to know the Golden State before living there

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California is not called The Golden State for nothing. This huge state (the country’s third largest in terms of land area) where miners found rich gold deposits in 1849, brims with superlatives.

It boasts the longest continental coastline, the biggest population, amazing views, famous sports teams, magnificent sunsets, and others. But before moving to California, it’s best to research and get to know more about living here.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Excellent higher education

    Prestigious universities can be found all over the state. Stanford University, which US News World and Report ranks as the country’s fifth best university in the US for 2024, is located here. The California Institute of Technology, or CalTech, takes the seventh spot in the US News ranking, while the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California Los Angeles share the 15th spot. Other notable California universities include the University of California at San Diego and Davis, The University of Southern California, and more.

  • Tons of opportunities

    Bloomberg reported that California was predicted to surpass Germany as the world’s fourth largest economy. The state contributes 14.8% to the country’s GDP. Even tough times, like the COVID pandemic, couldn’t bring the Golden State down. The economy expanded 34.4% in 2019, and provided jobs for those looking for work.

    Technology hardware, software, and media are the top three industries in the state. Big tech businesses such as Apple, Meta, Netflix, Intel, and more are in Silicon Valley, along with numerous startups. Tourism and agriculture also contribute greatly to the state economy.

  • A booming job market

    Jobs are easy to find. People moving to California will be happy to know that in January of 2023, over 18% of new jobs in the country come from the Golden State. For 2022, the state posted over 559,000 new jobs – an increase of 3.5% over the previous year.

  • Amazing sunny weather

    California has a Mediterranean like climate with warm summers and wet, mild winters. During the summer, temperatures can soar to as high as 80 degrees in the coastal areas, making it the perfect time to cool off at one of the numerous beaches in the state. Winters are mild, with temperatures very rarely falling to freezing.

    One of the sunniest states in the country, California gets an average of 284 days of sunshine annually and the weather is generally pleasant throughout the year, making it a destination for snowbirds.

  • The beaches are amazing

    With the sunny weather comes clear blue waters and amazing beaches hugging the 840-mile Pacific Coastline. Thousands flock to California yearly to sunbathe, snorkel, swim, jet ski, and admire the sunrise or sunset. In particular, the state is well known for its surf culture which has become one of its defining features.

  • There are national parks and amusement parks galore

    Lovers of the great outdoors will find that moving to California is sheer bliss. Its nine national parks exude a natural beauty that can’t be found anywhere else. There are also numerous state parks, state beaches, natural reserves, and more throughout the state.

    California is home to 33 theme parks, including the world-famous Disneyland in Anaheim, Universal Studios Hollywood, Legoland Califonia, SeaWorld San Diego, and more.

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