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Hottest interior design trends for your Orange County home

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Spring is coming, and it’s also the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. These interior design trends might inspire you on your next redecorating and home renovation spree.


Minimalism had us in a chokehold for years, but now, it’s time to step out of that comfort zone and experiment with maximalism. The style encourages people to be bolder and more playful with their design choices, from patterns and colors to textures and even materials. And while it’s deeply rooted in the “more-is-more” mentality, designing a maximalist space actually requires a lot of careful thought and consideration.

Here’s how you can incorporate some maximalist design elements into your Orange County home:

  • Experiment with bold colors: You don’t have to go all bright with your color palette. Instead, pick two to three colors that are a mix of complementing pastels and jewel tones. Great combinations for Orange County homes include butter yellow and dark teal, Millennial pink and dark cherry, and baby blue and red.

  • Mix and match patterns: A low-commitment way of trying out different patterns is through rugs and pillow covers- these can easily enliven any space. If you want to kick it up a notch, invest in a beautiful patterned wallpaper.

  • If it’s understated, skip it: Understatedness belongs to minimalism and has no place in a maximalist home and space. Swap simple items with more interesting decor- ones that can start a conversation or, as Marie Kondo put it, “spark joy.”


If you’re conscious about the environment and climate change, explore decor and furniture that use stylish but durable and eco-friendly materials. Doing so is one step closer to making your home sustainable. Moreover, it will help you lessen your household’s carbon footprint.

Materials such as cork and bamboo, paired with indoor plants and other light materials, can make your home feel like an eco-luxury resort. Don’t forget to complement your design choices with energy-efficient upgrades such as installing solar panels to power your home and switching to LED lights.


Another -ism that is making waves among interior design trends this year is romanticism. It’s more subdued than maximalism, and can be carefree, light, and homey. This design trend also makes use of a lot of botanical inspiration, from actual indoor plants to floral patterns in wallpapers and other decorative textiles, to color palettes (think light sage green and baby pink).

The simplest way to add a romantic vibe to your Orange County home is to decorate central rooms with flowers, whether they’re fresh or dried. Using seasonal blooms also helps reflect the passage of time, which ties back to romanticism’s emphasis on life’s simple pleasures- tulips and peonies in the spring, colorful dahlias and poppies in the summer, chrysanthemums and cornflowers in the fall, and daffodils and camellias in the winter, for instance.

If you have treasured antiques stored somewhere, placing them in rooms where they can be used and appreciated is also very much within the romantic style.

Looking for more design inspiration for your Orange County home? Check out our blog for tips, such as the best paint colors for your kitchen cabinets. You can also call me, Robyn Robinson, at 949.295.5676 or send me an email to learn more about the latest real estate market trends in the area.

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