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Top 4 Fire Insurance Policies for Your Home in California

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A large chunk of California territory including Southern California is prone to wildfires, especially during dry seasons. While the summer of 2022 has been relatively quiet so far in terms of wildfire incidents, October to December is a crucial period with a heat wave and drought threatening to make up for the earlier part of the season. 

The number of properties in California that are at risk of being affected by wildfires is also growing and is expected to increase sixfold in the next three decades. At present 100,000 houses in the state already have a 1% likelihood of being incinerated.

Given these dire statistics, it makes good sense to be ready for the worst possible case scenario. Getting extensive fire coverage is one way to protect your SoCal real estate investment. You’ll want to find an insurance policy that offers affordable premiums and covers fire damage, including damage from wildfires. 

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Policies with Fire Coverage

It’s just as important to find a provider that won’t back out even in areas with a high risk of fires, especially since there have been instances where some insurers pulled policies after the severe wildfires in California. These said incidents have prompted the state to step in and provide protection for affected homeowners. 

Bonus tip: Apart from looking for a stable and established insurer who can provide extensive home insurance coverage that includes fire, it’s also a smart move to have fireproofing measures in your home to get lower rates.

Top Fire Insurance Policies in California

Here are some examples of fire insurance policies you can get for your home in California.

CSAA Insurance Group-Insurance

The CSAA Insurance Group offers no-cost wildfire protection for policyholders of an AAA Home Insurance policy. During an active wildfire, you can request assistance in protecting your home through wildfire suppression and structural protection services offered by the company’s partner vendors.

Einhorn Insurance

Einhorn Insurance promises to provide adequate coverage at a fair price, and they offer various plans for different types of properties. They also offer home, landlord, condo, and renters’ insurance for properties in high brush or wildfire areas.


Lemonade stands out because everything from applying for a plan to filing claims can be done entirely online; plus, it uses a mobile app combined with artificial intelligence for easier processing and payouts. Their basic HO3 policy covers not just your house but also other structures on your property, your belongings, and living expenses.

The FAIR Plan

The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan is another alternative. While created by the California government, funding for this “program of last resort” is done by private insurance firms doing business in the state. People have been turning to this particular program for basic insurance, which was established to provide Californians with a temporary safety net. It also serves to address the gap left behind by insurers that have pulled out without prior notice until the affected policyholders can find coverage from other insurers.

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