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Home Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention: The best is to have smoke detectors in every room. And to check their batteries every month if they are not hard wired. Never leave candles or a fire burning or unattended. All should be extinguished completely if they c...

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Orange County Housing Report Unprecedented Start

Even with a rising mortgage interest rate environment, it is the hottest start to a year since tracking began in 2004 by a landslide. Insanely Hot Seller’s Market With a ridiculously record low supply of homes available to purchase matche...

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Orange County Housing Report A 2022 Forecast

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Now, what does that mean for Orange County real estate? The shock of going into a pandemic may have disrupted the housing market in 2020 for a few months, but there was no disruption in 2021. Demand surged despite COVID�...

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Oc Housing Report Not About the Price

Everyone is intensely focused on the prices of home when the real focus should be the ability to write a check for the monthly mortgage payment. The low mortgage rate environment has resulted in substantially smaller payments, allowing home pri...

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Orange County Housing Report Inventory Catastrophe

For years, there have not been enough homes on the market, but the trend has only grown worse with COVID and the historically low interest rate environment. Inventory Running on Empty-The inventory is at an all-time low and it is only going to ...

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Orange County Housing Report When Will It End

The residential resale housing market has been at an unrelenting, torrid, insane pace since July of last year, and seemingly, nothing will slow it down. Interest Rates Juicing the Market-Historically low rates have led to the Expected Mark...

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Orange County Housing Report Luxury Soars

Luxury housing emerged from the lockdowns of COVID-19 with unbelievable strength and has reached unprecedented levels. A Hot Luxury Market-In 2021, one in six closed sales were luxury. In June of last year, housing climbed out of the COVID l...

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Orange County Housing Report Last Call For 2021

Housing will shift to the Holiday Market in just 7-weeks and buyer and seller activity will plunge to its lowest levels of the year. End of Year Expectations-Seven more weeks until the slowest season of the year starts, the Holiday Market....

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