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Orange County Housing Report – No Top in Sight

Many buyers wonder if they are overpaying as real estate prices continue to soar to record levels, yet that is not what the data shows.  Values Rising The market velocity is extremely fast, and it is a Hot Seller’s Market where value...

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Orange County Housing Report-Bidding War

When a home hits the market, it is greeted with throngs of buyers and so many offers to purchase that a bidding war ensues. It is not uncommon for homes marketed FOR-SALE to procure 5, 10, 15, or even more offers to purchase within a few days ...

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Orange County Housing Report-Boiling Over

Fierce demand, throngs of buyer tours, bidding wars, rapid appreciation, and limited available homes to purchase are all due to historically low rates. Insatiable Demand With a record low supply of homes available to purchase and staggering d...

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